SPW – A New Standard For Notary Services

The Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW) has finally done what all title companies and lenders wish would have been done years ago – create an industry standard. When important loans are signed, there were simply too many variables that were overlooked by signing agents. Now, however, the workgroup has developed a best-practice that must be followed […]

Don't make these mobile notary mistakes!

Top 5 Mobile Notary Mistakes

Here are the top 5 mobile notary mistakes. No one is perfect, but being thorough and avoiding these mistakes should help you be a more efficient and productive mobile notary. 5. OVERBOOKING Overbooking is a problem that gets a lot of notaries in trouble. For most of us, we hate to turn down any work. […]

Small Jobs add up to Big Bucks

In today’s age, mobile notaries are asked to perform all sorts of different mobile notary signings. As more laws come into play, and identity theft is at an all time high, more companies are requiring more types of documents to be notarized. If you ask most mobile notaries what type of signings they perform, the […]