Robo-Signing Scandal in Texas

Is Robo-Signing Still a Thing?

For those of us in the business during the big crash surely remember the robo-signing fiasco and the wider effect on the industry. It’s a topic that has not been on the national radar for quite a few years. So, we asked ourselves if it was still a thing that happens, and unfortunately it is. […]

Ralph Northam - Governor of Virginia

Virginia Governor Vetoes Notary Bill

A controversial bill involving potential notaries with felony convictions has been vetoed by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. The legislation was passed overwhelmingly in the Virginia General Assembly, including a unanimous vote in the state Senate. What Would/Does the Bill Do? The bill would bar people convicted of certain felonies from becoming notary publics in the […]

Ohio Notary Rules Update

Ohio Notaries to See Much Larger Fees

Have you been looking to become a notary in Ohio? If so, you might want to expedite the process, as notary fees are set to skyrocket this September. State Set to Take Over As we reported last year, Ohio notaries are are moving from being commissioned by the county they do business in. It is […]

Shameful Philadephia Signings Steal Homes

Shameful Philly Signings Steal Houses

When I first saw this a couple of weeks ago, I could not believe the allegations in Philly. If true, it is shameful. Signing dead people’s homes over to others, and at huge profits. It is literally the Shasta Signing on steroids. How to Steal a House Forge a bunch of documents. And when people […]

Lumina Newchurch is the World's Oldest Notary

The Worlds Oldest Notary

Alright, let’s take a guess. If you had to join a pool to guess the world’s oldest notary’s age, what would you select? Would you take the safe route and go for normal retirement age? Maybe a little older? Betty White old? Older Than That It’s almost beyond belief. Most of us can’t even imagine […]