Mona Lisa in Coronavirus Mask

The Pandemic and the Notary Swimming in the Storm

The Notary and the COVID Pandemic, seems like the nightmare that is never going it end. Can you believe we’ve been at this for two months already? And while we hope that the end of the tunnel is in sight, the fact is we are still a small fish in a large ocean, and hurricane […]

Oklahoma and Election Law Changes to Notaries

Oklahoma, COVID, the Election and Notaries

Spurred in some part by COVID, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballots no longer have to be notarized. It was spurred by the League of Women Voters, as well as medical advocacy groups and at risk people. Essentially, they argued that the notary requirement should be removed, as some voters will be unwilling […]

Notaries Prepare for Online Signings

Notaries and New York 202.7

What does New York Executive Order 202.7 mean for notaries? As part of the pandemic response, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order concerning online notarizations. The order opens the door for closings performed in New York to be done remotely, at least temporarily. The change in notary procedures allows commerce to continue […]

Some Notary Tasks Have Been Deemed Essential

Are Notaries Essential Business?

It has only taken a couple of weeks and the landscape of our daily lives has changed, possibly forever. Most of the nation is now under stay at home, or safer at home orders. With people only allowed to travel for things like groceries, or essential business. This will change the notary landscape forever. But, […]

CoronaVirus and Notaries

CoronaVirus and the Mobile Notary, Static Notaries Too

Even if you have had you have had your head in the sand for a while, we are sure you have heard about the Coronavirus. But, is the CoronaVirus something that the notary needs to obsess over? The answer to that, if you take proper precautions, is that you can reduce the chances considerably. Notaries […]