Notaries That Helped Shape History

When we think of notaries, we often think of our daily tasks, or just of the job in general. Lately, we’ve been pointing out the more human side of notaries, like the Biggest Blunderers and some of the Bizarre, among other things. But, notaries do more in their lives than make mistakes and do weird […]

Debt Consolidation Services form Sunshine Signing

Debt Consolidation Services

If you are doing debt consolidation in the current day, you are going to need notarial services. And with the way the market is for the signings, you might need to bend to the borrower and use a mobile notary to meet them.  Especially if you are bringing on a lot of new clients, which […]

2018 Tax Reform

How Will Tax Reform Affect the Mobile Notary?

What is tax reform and how will it affect you and your business? If you have been watching tv and radio you may have heard a lot of different things about tax reform, which is both confusing, and some of it incorrect.. So, let’s instead try to focus on what the tax reform will mean […]

DNR Tattoo

From the Norm to the Bizarre

So where does the line get drawn on what is a legal document?  Or better yet, when does it turn to just plain bizarre? Recent news reports show a man in Miami had a tattoo on his chest that said “Do Not Resuscitate”.  That man ended up in the hospital and left the doctors with […]

5 Reasons for Mobile Notaries to be Thankful

3 Reasons to be Thankful for Being a Mobile Notary

Once again it is that time of year when we stuff ourselves with turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole and more.  Then follow it up with pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie and any other dessert we can get our hands on.  Then, once fully satiated, we eat some more and pass out! But, Thanksgiving […]

Notary Publix

Have You Seen Notary Publix?

If Notary Publix sounds foreign to you, you are not alone.  And no, it does not mean you can get documents notarized at your local Publix grocery store. Notary Publix is a comedic web series from 2015 featuring former Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon, as well as her real life sister Emily Lynne. They […]

Biggest Notary Blunders

Top 5 Biggest Blundering Notaries of 2017

Most notaries mainly worry about their job and making sure everything is accurate and professionally done. Unfortunately, some notaries don’t seem to realize that they hold a public position, and when they do something stupid, it tends to hit the news. Remember that, because your reputation is on the line, both on the job, and […]

Fed Rates and Housing Sales

Fed Surprises and Holds Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve defied expectations last week and left interest rates unchanged.  The decision boosted the value of the dollar in the international markets. Still, there is an impending raise in rates before the end of the year.  The majority of analysts still believe that the rate will be bumped by a quarter of a […]

Start Your Notary Search

Notary Search

A notary search can be frustrating and time consuming. People performing a notary search can easily find the process to be more than they want to manage, especially in business. Sure, you can find notary directories online, but you’ll find yourself calling way too many of them to be worth your time. The Downside of […]

Mobile Notary

Mobile Notary

A mobile notary is an entrepreneur that makes everyone’s life easier by traveling to a signing for a document that needs notarizing.  Many of them work nights and weekends and are able to work around the schedule of your business or personal life.  They run their business out of their homes and vehicles, and are […]