Utah Man Found Frozen with Notarized Document

Utah Man Makes Strange Notarization Before Death

We are at a loss on this one. A Utah man was found dead in a freezer with a notarized document stating that his wife did not kill him. Say What? It took us a while to wrap our heads around this one as well, but there is a decent backstory to it. Just another […]

Will 2020 Cause More Mistakes?

A Simple Check to Start the New Year

Welcome 2020! We wanted to find out if there were any issues notaries need to pay attention to for the new year, and while we feel energized by the new year, we did come across one particular issue, that while not a huge issue, is something we might want to keep our eyes on. Fortunately, […]

Happy Holidays from Sunshine Signing Connection

CT’s New Online Portal and a Thank You For the Holiday Season

The digital era has been here, and for notaries, it is entering its final stages. We’ve been talking a lot about RON, but what about ROBAN? What is ROBAN, you ask? Besides another acronym we just made up? We call it Remote Online Become a Notary (tongue placed firmly in cheek). Become a Notary in […]

Fraudulent Home Sales in Texas

Fake Deed Ring Run From Prison?

On the heels of the Philly Fiasco, property thieves in Texas have gone from the ridiculous to the preposterous. A Texas man has allegedly been performing deed fraud from prison, where they are currently serving 10 years on deed fraud they committed before they went to prison. How Easy is It? We took a closer […]

RON moves forward in Florida

Florida Approves Remote Online Notarization

Supporters of RON in Florida have overseen the passing of a bill legalizing remote online notarizations in the state. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law, which is scheduled to take effect on January 1st, 2020. Florida has become the next state to institute remote online notarizations, which now number in the twenties. Notaries […]