Cuneiform Tablet

The World’s First Notaries

How far back into the history of the world must we travel to find the beginning of the lineage of the notary profession? While it would be easy to look at current technology and think notaries are a modern world creation, the truth digs much deeper into the history of man. Starting in Ancient History […]

Brave Notary Continues Local Actvism

We were reviewing the blog and most of the recent stories have been downers, so we thought it was time to lighten the mood. This story comes from our friends on our northern border, Canada. So Who Is This Notary? This notary is 33 year old Andrew Swidzinski. About a year ago he contracted a […]

Should Multiple Personalities get Multiple Notary Stamps

Can a Person with Multiple Personalities have Multiple Notary Stamps?

Can one person really get multiple notary stamps under different names? More to the point. Can someone who has DID (dissociative identity disorder), more commonly known as multiple personality disorder, have multiple notary stamps for their different personalities. Is This a Joke? Unfortunately, no. Although, it is probably worse than a joke. Worse because it […]

Cincinatti Mobile Notary Service Implicated in Fraud

It’s Not Just Philly, Mobile Notary Service Owner Implicated in Stealing Homes in Cincinatti

A mobile notary service owner has been implicated in part of another set of homes being stolen right from under the owners. Have to admit, this one hurts. Beyond what is in the news, we have verified the notary and the mobile notary service that they run. This scam worked similarly to the one in […]

The Philly Fiasco Goes International

The Philly Fiasco Goes International

The #PhillyFiasco has put the city in disarray, as three suspects have fled the United States, along with their profits. To catch you up if you are out of the loop, at least 21 elderly and deceased home owners had their houses stolen from underneath them, in a brazen scheme targeting homes in neighborhoods that […]