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How Much Does a Notary Make

How Much Does a Notary Make?

A lot of people looking to get into becoming a notary, are obviously interested in if the opportunity is right for them and their family.  And the biggest, and best question is: How much does a notary make? It all starts there. Does a Notary Make Enough Money? Well, the first thing you must understand […]

Trump and Stormy Notary Responds

Notable Notary Defends Themselves in Trump and Stormy Signing

Talk about walking into a whirlwind. When we brought word of the accusations against a Texas notary last week, we had no idea we were walking into the largest story surrounding the notarial profession in years. If you’d like to catch up on that, check out the Trump and Stormy Notary Conflict. 2 Sides to […]

Trump and Stormy Daniels Notary Scandal

Stand Back, There’s a Storm(y) Coming Through!

Update:  The notary and their attorney have responded to the allegations.  Check out their side of the story.   New Notary Rule #1:  Don’t get yourself stuck in a feud between a porn star and a president.  That is what happened to a notary in Texas, who is now under investigation by the Texas Secretary […]

Notaries That Helped Shape History

When we think of notaries, we often think of our daily tasks, or just of the job in general. Lately, we’ve been pointing out the more human side of notaries, like the Biggest Blunderers and some of the Bizarre, among other things. But, notaries do more in their lives than make mistakes and do weird […]

2018 Tax Reform

How Will Tax Reform Affect the Mobile Notary?

What is tax reform and how will it affect you and your business? If you have been watching tv and radio you may have heard a lot of different things about tax reform, which is both confusing, and some of it incorrect.. So, let’s instead try to focus on what the tax reform will mean […]