Stop Malware from Ads

What You Click is Not What You See – Securing Your Business – Part 2

We all love the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) aspects of some parts of the internet and apps. But, what about when you don’t get what you expect?  What about when what you click on is the old Trojan Horse? Last month we talked about phishing and how it can affect your […]

Phishing and the Mobiel Notary

Phishing – Securing Your Business – Part 1

Phishing has been in the news again lately and phishing is bad for business. But, what is phishing and how does it affect the mobile notary, their business, their business partners, even their personal lives, families and friends?  This is so very important because it can affect those who do business with you, and can […]

Becoming a Mobile Notary

Becoming a Mobile Notary – Business 101

Becoming a mobile notary can be an awesome experience for the right person, no doubt about it. The hard part for many, if not most of us, is that fact we are running our own business.  And, I think a lot of us find out, that it is tougher than expected, because a lot of […]

Diversity Equals Consistency in Income

Diversity Equals Consistency in Income

What does diversity have to do with income? It should be noted, first, that we are talking about diversity in revenue streams that come into our business. But, why should we strive for diversity in revenue streams when trying to make money as a mobile notary? The Answer is Simple We have an idea on […]

How Much Does a Notary Make

How Much Does a Notary Make?

A lot of people looking to get into becoming a notary, are obviously interested in if the opportunity is right for them and their family.  And the biggest, and best question is: How much does a notary make? It all starts there. Does a Notary Make Enough Money? Well, the first thing you must understand […]