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6 Notary Errors to Beware as They Can Lose You Clients

Mobile notaries offer clients the convenience of having a professional notary travel to them. While clients greatly appreciate this level of convenience and flexibility, they still will lose faith if critical mobile notary errors are made.

When this happens, it is likely that the notary will lose their client.

Here are 6 mobile notary errors you need to avoid in order to retain the majority of your clients.

6 Mobile Notary Errors to Beware

Scheduling Mistakes

Few mistakes doom a mobile notary quite like making a scheduling error. Whether the mistake is showing up too early, late, or missing a scheduled appointment entirely, this is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

After all, much of the appeal of a mobile notary is that their professional service revolves around the client’s schedule and needs. When that schedule is violated, expect a client to look elsewhere for their notary needs.

Being Overly Opinionated

A mobile notary has one job function above all else. Namely, the job is to have the qualifications, credentials, and equipment needed to legally function as a client’s notary public.

Please avoid this most heinous of notary errors, and avoid putting your nose into the client’s business. Don’t have strong opinions on matters that do not concern you. A common example is giving a strong opinion on a loan. For example, if the notary looked at a loan’s interest rate and mentioned that the interest rate was too high, expect a client to get annoyed.

As a mobile notary, you cannot know the signer’s credit rating and financial specifics. Those terms may have been the best rate they could receive. Regardless, keep the strong opinions to yourself and don’t make one of these notary errors.

Failing to Follow Instructions

Failing to follow instructions leads to trouble in many client-based professions, and the same holds true for mobile notaries. Ignoring important instructions may lead to missing important deadlines that prevent a loan from being properly funded on time. When the blame on such matters is traced back to a notary who did not do as they were instructed, a client is probably going to find a notary who will follow instructions.  This is one of the notary errors that will lose you clients quickly.

Lack of Professionalism

Mobile notaries who fail to dress the part or speak professionally will give clients reasons to doubt their choice in notary.

A suit and tie may be overkill, but simply dressing professionally, demonstrating good hygiene and being well spoken will do wonders for a mobile notary’s reputation. And, when the alternative is losing clients, behaving professionally and looking the part is the clearly correct path for a mobile notary to take.

Poor Social Media Behavior

In today’s online world and socially driven era, businesses and professionals must also ensure they appear professional in their online interactions. Rude and insulting online interactions will lead to a potential client looking for a different notary. There is no reason to sabotage your professional prospects when searching for clients because of hostile discussions on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.


Finally, you may think that having a healthy book of business is a good thing, and in most cases, it is. However, notaries must pay close attention to their appointments to avoid notary errors. Cutting appointment times too close can lead to late appearances and last-minute cancellations.

Before long, you may find your big book of business became much smaller, because you did not space out your appointments accordingly. Be smart with your scheduling and give yourself the time and flexibility needed to provide punctual and professional notary services to all clients.


6 Cold Calling Tips for Mobile Notaries

Cold calling is a sales and marketing technique that is often avoided because many people are uncomfortable picking up a phone and making calls. We have found much success with this tactic and even included Cold Calling in our list of ways mobile notaries can earn more business. When done correctly and consistently cold calling is very effective at helping mobile notaries find business. Here are our 6 tips for you can improve your cold calls.

Set a goal

Set a goal for the overall objective of your cold calling campaigns such as getting added to the list of notaries for Title Companies and Signing Services. Setting a goal will give you structure and allow you to evaluate the performance of the campaign.

Have a Plan

Before you pick up the phone, make a plan that will lead you to your main goal. That may include smaller goals for each phone call such as finding the name of the person you want to talk to. When you plan make sure you consider the following:

  • Use research and past success to create a list of companies to call to add to your call list. Look for areas where you have established accounts that you can use as referrals.
  • Plan what you are going to say if you get sent to voicemail. Your message for a voicemail should be just as polished and focused as your main message. Good voicemails spark interest.
  • You should also plan what time of day to make your calls. Test different times of day and see when you have more success.

Don’t Talk Too Much

Once you have met the goal of that call be careful not to oversell yourself. Be comfortable sticking to your plan. Once you get your “ask” don’t worry about pushing for another in this call, your plan is already taking care of the next ask.

Know Your Value Propositions

Are you available for notary services 24/7? Do you speak another language? Do you have expertise in a certain market? All of these are examples of what some of your value propositions may be. Make sure you have your value propositions ready to answer questions are likely to receive from the companies you are calling. Through your research, you will know which of your value propositions align with the companies you are calling.

Watch Your Tone of Voice

The more you make cold calls, the more you will be yourself. In the beginning, it is good to be aware of the tone of your voice. You don’t want to seem shy or too pushy. You want to be affable and business like. You know your value propositions and their needs. Your voice should mirror the confidence that you are helping them fill one of their needs.

Keep Records

Of course, you are going to record the leads you find but don’t forget to keep track of all the valuable info you are learning. Note the time of your calls and the days of the week and see if any patterns emerge that will help you with future planning. Keeping records can help you improve the efficiency of your cold calling campaign.

Staying consistent with your cold calling plan. Focus on building relationships and providing value. Your success as a mobile notary depends greatly on people trusting you and relying on you. Your cold calls should promote that same brand of reliability and comfort.


Top 6 Smart Phone Apps for Mobile Notaries in 2016

Being a mobile notary means you are constantly on the go. Keeping yourself organized and making sure you have all the information and resources you will need is imperative to being successful. There are many tools that you can use to help you in your career as a mobile notary. If you don’t have a smart phone you should consider getting one. It will allow you to download apps that are a small fee or even free.  Below are just a few apps that you might want to look into to see how they can help you be the best mobile notary possible. Then go off and get yourself listed on some review websites.

Here are the Top 6 Smart Phone Apps You Need in 2016:

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar App

Having a calendar app can be a great way to make sure you don’t miss an appointment. You can set up reminders and send calendar invites to your clients reminding them of your appointment. The google calendar app integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts so you always know what’s next.


2. Magical Miles

Magical Miles App

When it comes time to do you taxes you will be glad you used an app like Magical Miles. There’s no need to remember to track your drives, because Magical Miles senses when you’re driving and does it for you. Automatically calculated trip distances and deductions based on your actual routes driven. Effortlessly export your logs as a spreadsheet to share with your accountant, your boss, or the IRS. Easily enter expenses, log notes, and classify drives by purpose and vehicle. Quickly swipe to delete personal, non-deductible drives, or classify them as non-deductible to keep track of them.


3. Google Keep

Google Keep App

Forgetting to take something to a signing can be embarrassing and upset the client. It could also cause an important deadline to be missed. Google Keep is a great app that allows you to add items with a check box so you can add items and them mark them off as you have gathered them up.


4. Fedex Mobile Solutions

Fedex App

After a signing the majority of documents need to be shipped back to their origin.

With Fedex mobile solutions, you can find FedEx locations, track and schedule deliveries, and more-even when you’re on the go.


5. Square

Square App

The days of having to mail the client an invoice and then waiting to get a check in the mail are long gone. There are many digital ways for the client to pay for your services. Having a secure and convenient way for the client to pay you is possible with Square. They offer a magstripe reader that plugs into your smart phone allowing you to swipe credit cards anywhere. Fast setup, no commitments. Send receipts via email or text message, or connect a receipt printer to a tablet. Personalize your signature screen and receipts with a logo and cover photo. All major credits are accepted.


6. Google Docs

Google Docs App

Most likely you are already using this one, Google Docs. But just in case you aren’t it is also a great tool. You can create a document on your desktop or laptop and it will also be available on your smartphone. Changes and revisions are saved and can be accessed from any device.

Being a mobile notary can be a fun and exciting career, meeting new people and visiting different locations. Utilizing the apps will help you be efficient and successful. Clients will recognize your professionalism and hopefully become repeat customers and refer your services.


How Well Do You Market Yourself as a Mobile Notary?

Mobile notaries compete in a crowded market and can feel that there is not much to differentiate one notary from another. Do not fall into this trap! The truth is that there are many factors that distinguish you from your competition. Defining and then promoting your differences is marketing. Here are some tips that will help you refine, or heaven forbid, establish your marketing plan.

Define Your Geographical Market for Marketing

Your business plan should already have a defined geographic area in which you work. You know that if you travel outside of the defined area that the job will not pay enough to cover the costs and time of travel. Your marketing plan needs to match your business plan. Are you spending your marketing budget outside of that area? If the answer is yes, you are wasting money advertising in an area where your product is never going to be available.

Geographic marketing boundaries are easy to define on most social media advertising platforms. Even cable advertising has broken their markets into geographically aligned models. Make sure all of your campaigns are covering the same territory you will be serving.

Highlight Your Skills and Experience

What skills do you have that your competitor may not have? Ask yourself some simple questions that will help you define your skills. Do you speak another language? Do you have a background in law or real estate? Are your customer’s satisfied with your service? How many customers have you served? Identifying the answers to these questions helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Give your potential clients a better idea of what they are getting when they hire you.

Establish Expertise in a Market

Social media is a great platform to help you establish yourself as a professional. When you get away from only sending social messages that ask for business and start sharing valuable information you become an expert in your field.

Look to establish yourself in a niche market. Did the review of your skills and experience show any strengths in a particular vertical? If you have real estate experience, make sure you are marketing yourself as an expert for signings at property closings. Brand leaders are at the top because they are successful in positioning themselves as the best.

Be Seen

Every business owner wants their product and services to be seen. After you have defined your product and the market with which it will serve you are ready to promote. You have many methods to choose from both traditionally and digitally.

Join the social platforms you have time to actually engage with. Make sure you are listed on the appropriate websites for your services that cover the correct geographical area. Run ads both traditionally and digitally that fit your strengths and professional background. Don’t forget the power of personal networking in local civic and professional groups.


Setting up a system to track your marketing efforts is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan regardless of which methods you use to promote your business. You need to collect the data to know what is working and what needs to be altered or removed from your marketing plan. Once a quarter you can look back on the data that you have collected and see what campaigns are working for you. Look for ways to duplicate campaigns that have brought you success and make changes to those that are under performing.

The Results

You started this article as a Mobile Notary in Florida. By now you should see that what you really are is a Spanish Speaking Mobile Notary with over 500 real estate signings in Miami-Dade County. Marketing your brand will make you more successful as a mobile notary.




Mobile Notary: Top 4 Iphone Apps

I have compiled a list of the Top 4 IPhone Apps for a Mobile Notary With today’s technology and the capabilities that are available in just the palm of your hand, there are many applications for the Apple Iphone that can help a Mobile Notary out on a daily basis. These apps can help keep cost down and increase productivity.  After you grab them, see what review websites you need to be on.

4. UPS Mobile & FedEx Mobile

fedex-mobile-for- a-mobile-notaryUps-app1

I put both of these applications together because they do basically the same things, just for different companies. These apps should definitely be downloaded onto your device. Obviously the majority of the signings we as mobile notaries, do require for us ship documents back. Usually through FedEx and UPS. With these applications they allow you to create and track shipments. I feel the best and most useful features of both of these are the ability to find the closest locations for shipping supplies and drop boxes. I have used this several times, especially when I have a signing that is a little later in the day and my client needs the package dropped in time for pickup. I always end up finding a drop box that is close by and still hasn’t picked up yet. This can save you time and keep your clients happy because they are going to receive their documents back in time.

3. Files Pro: Document Reader

file pro

This is a must have for a mobile notary. Files Pro: Document Reader allows you to store and view documents on your phone. With this app you have the ability to store and view files such as PDF, Microsoft Office, and many other formats. This can be very useful as a mobile notary. Say you received an order on the road for a signing. To save time with this app you can send the documents directly to one of your printers wirelessly. Talk about saving time. This app includes a lot of extra features such as a built in web browser that allows you to download any files or documents directly to your phone. You also can upload and download files directly to a drop box or cloud instantly. There are a lot of other features that are not listed, so download the app.

2. Gas Buddy-


One of the main parts of being a mobile notary is driving. With gas process always fluctuating, fuel is one our highest expenses of the job. GasBuddy is a great application. This application is free to download and use. With GasBuddy you just tap one button and it shows you what gas station has the cheapest gas in your area. With all the driving we do as a Mobile Notary, saving even a few cents per gallon adds up. They also include the ability to report gas prices in your area and earn points and rewards. By doing this you also get the ability to win $250 weekly in gas. Download GasBuddy and start saving money today!

1. Fantastical 2-

Fantastical 2

I absolutely love this application. I found this app because with the redesign with the new calendar app that comes on the iphone, I found it wasn’t as good as others out there. Having a good calendar is essential for a notary. We live and die by our calendars. Of course you know what this apps main feature is, a calendar. Some of the extra features I like are the ability to talk or type phrases like remind me or alert….and it will understand and create the event for you. This app backs up to different accounts so if you lose your phone you will still have all your calendar entries. One of my favorite features is you can put the location of your signing in the calendar entry and you can then view the location on a map. So try out Fantasical 2 and I’m sure you’ll love it.


So now hopefully after reading this you will download these apps and you will see the benefits. Now there are over a million applications available for the iphone, and it’s nearly impossible to try them all. If you have an app that you use that helps you as a Mobile Notary please leave a comment below and we will try it out and share it.

If you do not have a dual tray printer this will save you money by avoiding that purchase and it gets the job done! See how our mobile notary service can make your business more profitable and efficient!