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Vermont Changes Notary Requirements

Vermont Notaries See Major Changes to the Law

The rules for Vermont Notaries are changing in a dramatic fashion.  And it is going to be more challenging than before, maybe even greatly so, depending on your opinion and how you run your business. Change In Control All notaries in Vermont are now subject to the control of the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.  […]

Sunshine Signing Connection has a Halloween Party

Signing From Beyond the Grave

The pumpkins are cut, the costumes are at the ready, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without something spooky.  And what could be more spooky in this industry than a notary who signs from the grave. So as you pass out candy and adore all the little munchkins at your door, make sure you keep the […]

Ohio Notary Rules Update

Ohio Notary Reporting Gets a Little More Involved

Notary reporting requirements in Ohio are getting more involved then they have been before.  And they are quite strange given the the job of a notary. Elder Abuse? The state has decreed that notaries are required, as of September 29th, to report any suspicions of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation to the authorities. What? The […]

Dallas Area Notary Suspended

What do We Know About the Fiasco in Texas?

When this first hit our radar a couple of weeks ago we thought we probably would not talk about it.  But, again, many national outlets cover a story, but they don’t tell us what we want and need to know, and that is problematic when you need to really understand a topic. Many of you […]

Shasta Signing in Idaho and How it Affects Notaries

Trying to Clear the Air on the Shasta Signing

It appears our previous article on the Shasta Signing raised a few more questions that need to be addressed. I have to say we have been impressed with the feedback and questions.  We love we are surrounded by so many as engrossed in this business as we are.  And while this is an outlandish situation, […]