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Shasta Signing in Idaho and How it Affects Notaries

Trying to Clear the Air on the Shasta Signing

It appears our previous article on the Shasta Signing raised a few more questions that need to be addressed. I have to say we have been impressed with the feedback and questions.  We love we are surrounded by so many as engrossed in this business as we are.  And while this is an outlandish situation, […]

Shasta Signing in Idaho and How it Affects Notaries

The Shasta Signing in Idaho and How it Affects You

If you are an Idaho notary or resident you have probably heard of the fiasco that has now been dubbed “the Shasta Signing”. For those unaware, an Idaho notary, who shall remained unnamed, signed a document transferring legal title of a house from a daughter to her father. Why is This Even News? Fortunately, that […]

Are Political Related Signings Worth the Risk?

Is it Worth Notarizing for Political Campaigns?

We’ve gone over some hinky signings in the past.  But, what about another type that seems like you are doing good for the public. Is is worth notarizing documents for political campaigns or movements? Always Protect Yourself This is the most important thing we must do with our business. We have to protect ourselves and […]

Stop Malware from Ads

What You Click is Not What You See – Securing Your Business – Part 2

We all love the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) aspects of some parts of the internet and apps. But, what about when you don’t get what you expect?  What about when what you click on is the old Trojan Horse? Last month we talked about phishing and how it can affect your […]

Thomas McKean - The Notary who Helped Found a Nation

The Notary Who Helped Found a Nation – Thomas McKean

It’s the fourth of July and it’s time to fire up the grill, have a blast with friends, and then literally blast some fireworks.  But, it’s also a day to take a little time to remember how we became a nation. So this fourth, how about we take a minute to honor the notary who […]