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Some Notary Tasks Have Been Deemed Essential

Are Notaries Essential Business?

It has only taken a couple of weeks and the landscape of our daily lives has changed, possibly forever. Most of the nation is now under stay at home, or safer at home orders. With people only allowed to travel for things like groceries, or essential business. This will change the notary landscape forever. But, […]

CoronaVirus and Notaries

CoronaVirus and the Mobile Notary, Static Notaries Too

Even if you have had you have had your head in the sand for a while, we are sure you have heard about the Coronavirus. But, is the CoronaVirus something that the notary needs to obsess over? The answer to that, if you take proper precautions, is that you can reduce the chances considerably. Notaries […]

Gifted Notaries

The Business of Gifting Notary Commissions

While the rest of us have worked hard to become a notary, it would seem unfair if some notaries were gifted their commissions. We’re pretty sure that is something just about all of us can agree on that. So the question is why in the world is this happening? It’s Not What You Know Issues […]

Notaries, Real ID, Trust and RON

Real ID, the Notary, and RON

For those unaware, changes to identification are coming. Real ID goes into full effect on October 1st. But, does it, or should it, affect a notary and the future of signings, even if those signings are only of a certain type or types. What is Real ID? Real ID is a new standard of identification […]

California Notary Halts Home Sale

Notary Halts Potential Fraudulent Sale

What started in Philly has opened a can of worms across the nation, and unfortunately, the fraudulent deed crisis is not going away anytime soon. While local and state governments across the nation are creating and passing new notary rules and regulations, massive holes in their current rules are being exploited. We Wish This Was […]