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Should Your Business Have a Bank Roll?

Should Your Business Have a Bank Roll?

Different types of businesses run on different financial models, some of it by necessity, some by choice, even if the business owner does not realize they are making that choice. A fundamental question any mobile notary should ask is if there is a need for their business to have a bank roll, aka savings. If […]

Low Tech Versus High Tech Marketing

Low Tech Marketing and High Tech Digital Marketing

High tech marketing is all the rage nowadays, for a lot of good reason. But, does that mean we should abandon low tech marketing? Are things like Business Cards still worth the effort? High Tech Marketing Recent years have given us many new avenues to market our business. From websites to social media, to optimization […]

Finding New Opportunities for your Mobile Notary Business

Finding New Opportunities for Your Mobile Notary Business

As involved business owners we are always thinking of ways to both protect and expand our business.  What too many of us learn the hard way, is that relying one specific revenue stream or one specific client, can come back to bite you in the rear.  A big client is a big score, but what […]

Should Notaries Play a Role In Our Elections?

Should Notaries be a Part of Our Election Process?

Once again, there is conflict involving politics and notaries.  But, let’s not worry about the specifics of it all this time and ask a more poignant question. Should notaries play a role in our election process? We Don’t All Go to the Polls To make it clear, we are not speaking about people who attend […]

Vermont Changes Notary Requirements

Vermont Notaries See Major Changes to the Law

The rules for Vermont Notaries are changing in a dramatic fashion.  And it is going to be more challenging than before, maybe even greatly so, depending on your opinion and how you run your business. Change In Control All notaries in Vermont are now subject to the control of the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.  […]