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Mobile Notaries Can Save You Money

Most people understand that mobile notaries offer unparalleled convenience to your business. What can be surprising is how their services can be money-savers, as well. Here are a few of the ways that choosing a mobile notary can keep more cash in your pocket:

1. Mobile notaries cut your travel needs

Gas, tolls, and the wear on your vehicle can get expensive. A mobile notary can meet you at your location, or any location, saving you the trip and the expense.

2. Mobile notaries cut opportunity cost

When you are spending time waiting for a notary’s office to open or traveling to meet one, you can miss out on other chances to increase your profits. By having a mobile notary at your disposal, you are able to spend less time waiting and more time working with other clients.

3. They get you access to clients someone bound to 9 to 5 hours can’t service

If someone whose needs will include notarization contacts you in the evening or on the weekend, you can say yes to the business. Telling them that you have to wait for a notary to open can mean losing the client and their fee.

4. Mobile 24/7 service isn’t an extra

Often, a notary in a 9 to 5 business will only offer to travel or to provide service after hours only for an exorbitant fee. By choosing one whose service is already mobile and available after hours, you avoid any premium charges.

5. Increased productivity for your staff

Paying members of your staff to travel to a notary means that you are paying for idle time waiting or time spent on the road. When the notary comes to you, your staff members can dedicate their paid hours to other services, making your office more productive.

Need a notary now? Sunshine Signing Connection can connect you with notaries nationwide, anytime day or night.

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A Mobile Notary Company Mitigates Your Liability

Often when there’s a need for a notary’s services, that need is urgent. When a deal needs to be closed, the opportunity may need to be secured at any time and anywhere. Fortunately, with a mobile notary company, your problem is solved.

A mobile notary company offers you peace of mind, convenience and flexibility to get crucial documents signed when you need them. As importantly, having a notary available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year helps you reduce liability risks related to legal agreements and documents.

A Mobile Notary Company Reduces Risk

One of the primary functions of a notary public is to protect clients from risk related to fraud and identity theft.

We want to assume that people with whom we interact in various negotiations have integrity and are honest. However, the financial, legal and personal risks associated with many transactions means that often there is a need to verify the identity of a document signer in person.

A notary is an impartial third party used to verify the signatures on documents, verify the identity of those signing documents and ensure that those documents were signed willingly and not under duress.

Having documents notarized is a deterrent to fraud. Having documents notarized adds another layer of verification that the people who are signing documents are who they say they are. For clients of a notary, signed documents provide self-authentication, meaning that in court matters, signers do not need to testify to the authenticity of their signatures.

Protection in Cases of Litigation

With the increasing litigiousness of today’s world, when a business deal goes sour, all too often courts get involved. When a deal goes south, either for genuine or fabricated reasons, emotions can flare, allegations are made and lawsuits are filed. From a litigation perspective, notarization is an important safeguard. Providing notarized documents that clearly spell out the terms and conditions of a negotiated, agreed-upon and, most importantly, legally signed business agreement is crucial in protecting financial and business interests.

For example, in contractual disputes involving multiple copies of documentation related to an agreement, a judge is likely to give far more weight to documents that have been signed and witnessed by a certified notary public. In addition, for certain transaction types, having documents notarized is not just prudent business sense, but also legally mandated.

Some states even require the recitation of an oath administered by a notary public for certain documents, such as affidavits and applications.

What Needs to be Notarized, What Should be Notarized

While the standards vary from state to state, the most commonly required documents for notarization are:

  • Trusts, wills and other documents related to estate planning
  • Title conveyance documents related to real estate transactions, including mortgage documents and other agreements related to a sale between a seller and a buyer
  • Structured settlement documents
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Health care proxy and power of attorney documents
  • General and property power of attorney documents.

In addition, there are a number of other business deals where it may be prudent or a requirement to involve a notary public, including:

  • Online purchases related to large purchases of products, goods or services
  • Personal loan agreements
  • Car purchase title transfer documents
  • Partnership agreements

A Mobile Notary Company in Your Moment of Need

Many companies, banks, financial institutions and mortgage firms have employees who are certified notaries public on staff. However, small companies, individuals, or those living and working in rural and remote areas may find immediate access to a notary public near them difficult to secure. In such cases, a mobile notary company is an excellent option that allows for flexibility, availability and accessibility.

Frequently attorneys, title companies, lenders, real estate agents, or structured settlement companies find a need for a mobile notary company that provides services after hours, on the weekend, in a remote location or at the spur of the moment. By using a mobile notary company, professionals in need can be confident that real estate documents, loan modifications, mortgages and deeds, structured settlement or power of attorney documents, and walk-through recordings are verified and notarized quickly without interruption or disruption of regular business practices.

Make a Sunshine Signing Connection

With Sunshine Signing Connection, your mobile notary company needs are met. We work hard to find the mobile notary public who best fits your needs. Our reach spans most rural areas across the United States.

Sunshine Signing Connection notaries undergo a rigorous background check prior to hire, have error-and-omission liability insurance coverage, protecting you further from liability related to your business transactions. All our notaries are certified and are qualified to meet all your notarizing requirements. What’s more, our notary services are a phone call away and available at any hour of any day year round. We have a commitment to quality service and guarantee all our work. We commit to expediting orders and filling them efficiently and will partner with your internal processes to meet your needs.

Business transactions are innately complex with varied twists and turns, ups and downs. Take some of the uncertainty out of your business transactions by partnering with Sunshine Signing Connection for your mobile notary public needs.

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A Signing Service Company and 4 Reasons Title Companies Work with Them

In our increasingly mobile and digital world a signing service company has taken on a new importance. Nowadays, it is not at all uncommon for business transactions to take place across different time zones and even on different continents, resulting in almost instantaneous deals and agreements.

Sometimes, however, particularly for real estate transactions, there is a need for real papers to be signed, witnessed, notarized and filed before a deal is consummated and considered legally binding. Attorneys and title companies normally deal with such requirements by using overnight delivery services for documents and relying on cooperating professionals in another location.

Most of the time, that is a satisfactory arrangement. But time and scheduling arrangements are considerable when every transaction must be monitored and checked for accuracy.

Enter the signing service company, and there are at least 4 great reasons for working with a mobile notary service:

1. A Single Point of Contact

Despite technology and digital capabilities, when physical documents are involved, the best solution lies in dealing with a reputable and adaptable network of professionals who understand your requirements. When there is a single point of contact, and a “real person” available every hour of the day and night, time zones and distance are inconsequential.  This is a service you only receive from a reliable signing service company.

2. Convenience for Your Clients

An alternative to meeting for a closing at a title company office, a signing service company offers all the convenience of on-site meetings in order to facilitate far-flung transactions. Experienced, professional notaries and attorneys, if needed, are available to meet with buyers and sellers at their homes or business offices, at any time.  Last minute arrangements are also possible, often with as little as a four-hour notification, and meetings at airports between flights are not at all uncommon.

3. Conformance with Local Laws and Regulations

Because legal requirements, licensing laws and filing needs differ from state to state, the mobile notary offers local knowledge and expertise necessary to keep title companies in compliance no matter where the parties to a transaction live or work, relieving the closer and loan originator of added angst when dealing with a multi-state transaction.

4. Growing Volume of Transactions

With the most recent statistics pointing to an annualized record pace of real estate transactions approaching more than 5.5 million, according to the National Association of Realtors, the ability to make closings more efficient and effective is a great advantage for a busy title company. Not only does a signing service company require less scheduling and monitoring effort on the part of the closer, but it also relieves some of the burden for realtors.

Virtual Partnerships and the Signing Service Company: The Future of Business

One of the advantages of the digital age is the emergence of virtual partnerships. It is an entrepreneurial phenomenon, and the trend is sure to change the future of business in this country and globally.

A nationwide service that schedules, supervises, monitors and performs well can help realign overhead needs, as well as reduce costs and increase productivity. Anything that accomplishes those goals makes a substantial dollars and cents difference to the bottom line, recognized by companies as diverse as law firms, title companies, real estate brokerage offices and mortgage lenders.

The flip side of the coin is that scores of local affiliates build their own success stories through an association with a signing service company like ours. Is it any wonder that an increasing number of real estate-related firms are learning to take advantage of services offered by forward-thinking companies like Sunshine Signing Connection? When time is of the essence and every minute translates into a dollars and cents value, one of the best things you can do is pick up the phone and call on a virtual partner who understands your situation.

Whether you need a single document signed and witnessed, or a whole package with complicated legal terms reviewed and explained for a nervous client by a knowledgeable attorney, we can fulfill your expectations and work within specified time constraints.

A Modern Alternative

“Over the past few years we have come to view Sunshine Signing as a part of our company. They are our virtual scheduling department. The interaction is seamless and reliable,” according to the owner of one satisfied company.

With nationwide services that are accurate, affordable and accountable, and with a simple on-line process for uploading documents, scheduling services, monitoring progress and handling billings, we think there is very little reason not to use our signing service company.

We know your business requirements continue to evolve, and we are dedicated to keeping pace, virtually and otherwise, with our clients’ needs through impeccable customer service and performance.

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An After Hours Notary Makes Signings Possible

“Where can I find an after hours notary?”, I saw this question posted in a forum for notaries.

One of the suggestions posted in response read, “my mother is a notary public, she is at the beach”.

Yes, there are many notaries that take well deserved breaks on the weekends or at night, but there are also others who pride themselves on being an after hours notary. Working on weekends or after hours is part of their business plan and a point of difference from their competitors. The availability of these mobile notaries allows more business to be done outside of the normal working hours.

Finding an After Hours Notary the Hard Way

There are several sites online that provide a directory of notaries.  Some even specify if the person is a 24 hours notary.

So you can labor yourself through those sites and pick out notaries one by one.  You can then call them and hope they are available when you need them.

This gets old quickly.

Even if you find an after hours notary available for this signing, what about the next one?  And the one after that?  It quickly becomes evident that you are wasting too much time trying to sift through all the muck to find your notary public.

Finding an After Hours Notary the Easy Way

The good thing for you, is you have found your mobile notary service.  We take all the hassle out of finding an after hours notary.

We do so because we have a network of tens of thousands of certified and background checked notaries at our disposal.  Using our specialized software, we can usually find you a notary in less than half an hour.  And have them at your site within four hours.

Sunshine Signing is like the “easy button” for your after hours notary.  Oh, and we can get them to you during normal business hours as well.

In face, we pride ourselves on finding you a notary public 24/7/365.

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A Signing Agent Company Helps Businesses Like Yours Thrive

Notary signing agents associated with a signing agent company provide a variety of services to individuals and businesses in their local communities, including transferring power of attorney, real estate transactions, such as time-sensitive loan documents, and any other important paperwork that requires notarization.

Many consumers associate notary services with the necessity of visiting an office during standard business hours, causing inconvenience and possibly even hardship in some cases. This is particularly true for those experiencing limited mobility, parents of small children, or people with difficulty getting time off from their employment obligations.

Out-of-the area property purchasers who are unfamiliar with the area and are on limited time schedules also benefit from a mobile notary service.

The following are just four of the ways a signing agent company helps businesses like yours thrive.

Nine-to-Five Doesn’t Work Anymore

Today’s economy is experiencing a revolution, and those who only conduct business during the traditional hours of nine-to-five on weekdays are missing out on significant opportunities.

For instance, clients who are flying in from another area to finalize real estate purchases appreciate being able to sign the necessary paperwork on their own schedule rather than waiting until a traditional notary office is open for business.

Busy professionals also prefer to handle personal transactions outside of their normal working hours.

In many ways, the nine-to-five business environment is evolving, becoming customized to suit individual needs and preferences and is becoming a 24 hour industry.

Mobile Services from a Signing Agent Company Saves Everyone Time

By the coming to the location of your choice, whether it’s a hotel room, coffee shop, or your office rather than scheduling a time when everyone can meet at a traditional notary public’s office, mobile signing services save everyone time.

Mobile signing agents can meet you and your clients anywhere, freeing everyone up for other business matters.

Mobile Notary Agents Provide Maximum Flexibility

An agent can even meet you at an airport when you or your client are traveling between destinations. They can also come out to the property that’s being sold in order to streamline the process.

In instances where someone who needs to sign legal documents, such as living wills or last wills and testaments, the agent can meet all involved parties in the person’s hospital or hospice room.

Signing Agent Company Mobile Services Help Keep Costs Down

Many businesses recruit, train, and employ in-house notaries to avoid having to go to a notary office when legal documents need to be signed.

However, with a signing agent company, you’ll only pay for the services that you actually use, without the expense of paying an in-house employee a regular salary and benefits.

Even if you don’t have an in-house notary, mobile services help cut costs by requiring significantly less time and effort on the part of you, your employees, and your clients.

To find out more about how a signing agent company helps businesses like yours thrive, please feel free to contact us below and one of our specialists will be more than happy to help you.

Still Interested.  See the Top 5 Reasons to work with a Notary Signing Company.

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