Witness States

Most states do not require a witness for the notarization of deeds and mortgages. However, there are a few notary witness states, which can trip people up.  So don’t let yourself get stuck without a witness for your signing, double check this list to ensure you will meet the witness requirements.

Witness requirements in notary witness states

There are only five states that have witness requirements for the recording of the deeds and mortgages. The below states require at least one witness for notary signings.

The following states are notary witness states:

  • Connecticut – 2 witnesses and one CAN be the Notary
  • Florida – 2 witnesses, one CAN be the notary – Quit Claim Deeds Only, not the mortgage unless it is the Lender requirement.  Please see our note below if you are a Florida notary.
  • Georgia – 2 witnesses, and one MUST be the notary
  • Louisiana  – 2 witnesses, and CANNOT be the notary
  • South Carolina – 2 witnesses, one CAN be the notary

Special Notes on Witness Requirements for Florida Notaries

Although it is not a State of Florida requirement, lenders may request witnesses on their mortgages. Please read our closing instructions for more information, or contact our office with any questions on this matter.