Notary Publix

Have You Seen Notary Publix?

If Notary Publix sounds foreign to you, you are not alone.  And no, it does not mean you can get documents notarized at your local Publix grocery store.

Notary Publix is a comedic web series from 2015 featuring former Saturday Night Live actress Kate McKinnon, as well as her real life sister Emily Lynne. They play Gina and Theresa Fra Diavolo, a pair of notaries that take their job very seriously, but sometimes it ends in an epic fail.

They have a notary nemesis, Erin Oatmeal, who is always trying to stir up trouble.  Be it convincing them to break rules, or sending in people to give the sisters trouble, she is a thorn in their side.

It is a six episode series of short episodes, all just under five minutes.  Which means you can catch one quickly, and give yourself a nice smile and a couple of laughs.

If you have not seen it, you need to, even just to laugh at these notaries’ antics.  It is a great quick escape, and we’ve found it enjoyable even after watching a couple of times.

The shorts originally aired on IFC, the Independant Film Channel, but all of the episodes are also available on Youtube.

So, if you want to watch it for the first time, or maybe just see the shenanigans again, here is where you can find all six episodes of Notary Publix.

And then you can rejoice that the day to day of your business is superior to theirs.  We hope you enjoy Notary Publix as much as we have.

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