Small Jobs add up to Big Bucks

Use Your Stamp More Often

In today’s age, mobile notaries are asked to perform all sorts of different mobile notary signings. As more laws come into play, and identity theft is at an all time high, more companies are requiring more types of documents to be notarized.

If you ask most mobile notaries what type of signings they perform, the majority are going to say Real Estate transactions.

Now, if you ask the successful mobile notaries what types they sign, their answer is “all of them”.

One thing I have noticed as a scheduler for a signing service is a lot of notaries say they will ONLY do Real Estate closings. That’s fine if you have established yourself with some companies as their preferred notary and they keep you busy enough. For the rest of the notaries, there are other options besides real estate closings to supplement your income.

Small Jobs are Usually Easier

Some of these jobs you may get called on, you may not be familiar with, and that’s okay. Let me tell you, these are the EASIEST ones to do, and my personal favorite. Now most of these types of signings don’t pay as much as a refinance or purchase closing, but for the time spent and the job at hand, it equals about the same or more.

I know some of you are thinking, “I’ve been offered these before and they only pay $45, that’s not worth my time”.

Well actually lets break this down.

Here is the Math

I will use an average for an example, some take more time and some take less time. We will compare a refinance at $100 and a smaller assignment at $45.

Small Jobs Equal Big Bucks

For example, let’s say the signing is at the same location. The average drive is 15 minutes, with some being more and some less. Costs for printing (paper and toner) is about $.07 per page. Let’s say it cost a total of $3 in gas.

So for the REFI, average page count is 120 pages, plus a borrower copy. Total cost of printing is $16.80. Plus the $3.00 in gas. Total Cost to perform job, rounded up, is $20.00. Leaving you a total of $80. Then, the average time to complete a refinance is about an hour, with some going faster and others taking longer. Total time including drive would be 1 ½ hours for $80. Not bad money for the time.

Now, let’s look at the smaller assignments. Average page count would be around 20 pages without a borrower copy. Printing cost is $1.40. We will add the $3.00 in fuel, totaling $5.00 if we round up. That leaves you $40. The average time to complete this type of signing is very quick and would be around 15 minutes. Some will take more time and others you will finish way before that. Total time to complete job including drive is around 45 minutes for $40.

So, comparing the 2 average jobs, they actually equal out to the same amount of money made for your time spent working.

Get Steady Work

Most people don’t look at it this way and miss out on a lot of work. If you want to be a successful notary that is able to do this work full time don’t pass up on these opportunities. Not only does it help you earn more money, at the end of the day it will earn you more business as well. Signing services take note of the people that complete these type of signings for them as they are harder to schedule. The schedulers take note of your name because they know they can count on your services regardless of what type of signing it is. So when the refi’s and purchases come in, you’ll end up being their first call.

Not worth your time? Hopefully this has helped change your view. Next time you get a call for a $45 job, remember that’s $45 added to your income that you didn’t have before. So before you pass up on these smaller jobs, remember, the small jobs add up to big bucks.